Monday, October 5, 2009

"The Lost Symbol"

If you are planning on reading Dan Brown's new novel "The Lost Symbol", then you might not want to read this blog...

I love how he intertwines fact with fiction so well that you find yourself researching which is which. The book seems to touch upon what I am going through in my life right now, in regards to tackling mind over matter. One of the characters is researching Noetic science wherein she is trying to prove the power that the mind has to heal, make things happen, etc.

My mantra these days is "I do not have cancer". I believe that positive thinking will provide positive results. For many years I just allowed negative beings to influence my life, bringing me down with them. But I made a conscience decision to change the type of people that I kept company with. I now try to align myself with as many positive thinking, acting, expressive people as possible. Yes we all have bad days now and then, life happens, but it is how you react to those types of days that says something about you. I cannot and will not allow this one blow to my daily life bring me to my knees. The facts are the doctors are basing my surgery on one test (CA-125) and one little cyst that looks funky. The CA-125 has a reputation as not being very accurate to predict someone has cancer, but it is used more as a guage after diagnosis. Those patients already diagnosed can see that test number reduce with positive therapy.

Another aspect of the book is about the Freemason's. The story claims that the Masons believed that all religious text really are trying to tell man that they have to open their minds up to enlightenment and not necessarily worship of a GOD. The book of revelations is not about the end, but about the "reveal" of knowledge to man. This part of the book really caught my attention as to the amount of science in the Bible....again, the author makes me want to find out what is real and what is fiction....but he weaves such a believable tale. I enjoy learning and especially love a book that leaves me wanting more information.

So tonight I will think about my mantra before I go to sleep so that I keep it in my head all night long and wake up alive and "well" in the moring....

Good night and sleep well....

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