Friday, October 2, 2009

First Blog

Yesterday was one of those surreal days that I think I just floated through. I had my little pity party and now I am over myself. Sleep has been eluding me for some time and after yesterday decided that I have my most lucid moments in those dark hours of the night. So today I am going to ask Teri, my friend and co-worker, how to start blogging. Not that I will have anything amazing or wondrous to say, but think it will help me to pursue some things that I have been putting off.

About me…

I am my mother’s daughter in that I start many projects and get bored or frustrated and just leave them set aside. That is an aspect of my life I want to change, I want to learn to pick just those things that really move or motivate me and just do them from start to finish. I take on too many things and set myself up for …so many things.

I am my father’s daughter in that I am not very forgiving at times, with myself or others. I make no excuses for this part of my personality; I think it has helped me survive for many years. Basically it is a “Boot Strap” mentality. I try to do my best and just expect others to do so too.

I am me. What is that? Definitely a work in progress, even at fifty years old, and I guess that part of this process of putting words down in cyberspace will express who I am. For today, I am a living, breathing woman just trying to make the best of the next fifty years.


  1. Welcome to blogging! I send all the love, thoughts & prayers your way I can!

  2. I'm glad you decided to blog. Even if you think you don't have "anything amazing or wondrous to say" in your eyes, it might just be what someone else needs to hear. Welcome aboard. :-)

  3. Make the best and You won't regret!!